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WELCOME to steepedge

We went to film festivals and started our own, Kendal Mountain Festival, but wanted more

We wanted adventure films to be available all the time, day-in, day-out and to create a vast library of the latest films, award winners, timeless classics and celebrate climbing, caving, cycling, mountain biking, mountaineering, running, skiing, surfing, swimming, trekking, travel and environment

It's a labour of love. SteepEdge is dedicated to world class films, filmmakers, adventure and the environment

We've now got over 500 films available on-demand. All sharing the love of outdoor adventure and wild places. All gritty, creative, inspiring and thought provoking with high production values, strong stories and great characters

We're the home of adventure online

Plus we pay an industry high royalty rate of 80% of net revenue directly back to filmmakers. Watch now and support great independent filmmaking

Join SteepEdge for free then tune in, sit back and enjoy